The Magnani Family


The first session I ever had with the Magnanis was their engagement session, two years ago. Little Miss Kinsley wasn’t even a year old when I met her and of course, just totally adorable! And as if Tony weren’t nervous enough, I ended up calling his fiance Sara. [Her name is definitely Jackie! Oops!] Not my finest moment! But we had a magical session together. I even had them yelling some words I dare not repeat in this blog post just to loosen up and have some fun!

I suppose the rest is history! Their wedding day had come and gone in the most beautiful way. And before I knew it, we were booked for this highly anticipated family session!

It’s amazing to see Kinsley grow in front of the camera. She is as curious as she is adventurous. This girl has got a big personality and a big cheesy smile to match; both of which are simply infectious! While I assure you no profanities were yelled during this session, I can’t promise you that I didn’t dance around like a crazy person making silly sounds to grab Kinsley’s attention at times.

These are their hand-holding, bear-hugging, family-smooching moments!


This family if three is growing by two tiny feet!

Kinsley’s going to be a big sister!

And she sure is going to be the best sister in the universe!