Tara + Pat: A Dog Lovers' Engagement Session at Coe Lake


It was such a joy to finally meet my long-distance couple! Tara and Pat piled everything into their car, including Max their Husky and Aurora their German Shepherd and made the trip from Virginia to meet me in Ohio for their December engagement session.

We had one shot at this and prayed for an outdoor session. The weather couldn’t have been more favorable, and the water at Coe Lake was iced over just enough for a gorgeous glassy look in our backdrop! If we’re going to have a winter session without actual snow on the ground, this is the look I absolutely love. Take me to the water :)

I had such a wonderful time meeting this dog-loving couple and their big, beautiful fur babies. Behind-the-scenes we were joined by their sisters and Tara’s mom, too! Laughs were shared, carrots were munched on and Tara, Pat, Max and Aurora were captured in action.

Fun fact: Max belonged to Pat in college and once the two humans got together, his heart quickly became Tara’s! [Aw!] They make quite the awesome blended family!

I was already excited for the big day in September, but now I can’t wait!

I couldn’t help myself. This is the cutest twirl sequence ever!