Adelynn: Two Much to Handle...Two Much to Love!


My sweet little Adelynn turned TWO at the end of February. Officially a toddler. Officially TWO cute. And officially TWO much to handle most days! But I couldn't love her more. 

This tiny human my husband and I have created has had quite the personality from the get-go. She finally began sleeping through the night at 16 months. [Praise be!] And since then, her personality has burst through the seems and shines brighter each day. Life with Addie never includes a dull moment! 

Honestly though, she's impossible to photograph! So what's a momma who values the power of photography to the very fibers of her being left to do about marking this milestone?!

Let her be. Watch and not pose and dictate, I decided. Just. Let. Her. Be. And so I did! 

Is she a toddler who gives us a run for our money? Yep! But this personality exploding from her little self is so much bigger than the "terrible twos." 

By taking a step back and capturing her candid moments of discovery at the Children's Museum of Cleveland, I was able to freeze these precious moments of her childhood and truly depict a story of who she is at this stage of her life. 

And the results are more phenomenal than I could've imagined as a mother.


     Me: Addie, are you smart?

     Adelynn: Mart!

She is insanely intelligent for her age! My proudest moment was when she told me that the water on the window was condensation. This girl's brains end up surprising me almost on a daily basis!

Addie has such an inquisitive mind and yearns to learn. You better believe it when I say she can count to 14 on her own, understands opposites, knows her colors and recognizes some letters of the alphabet [albeit, not in order], as well as many shapes. In addition to Disney and Sesame Street reads, some of her favorites include the science books, 'Skin,' 'Muscles,' and 'Five Senses.'  

     Me: Are you my silly girl? 

     Adelynn: Siwwy A-ddie!

This fun-loving kiddo hardly stops moving and is constantly chatting and finding new ways to make us belly-laugh! She is both sassy and sweet, emphasis on the the sass. 

Addie is so much like the lead in her favorite film, "Moana." We watch it an average of 3-4 times per day. [No joke.]

She's super independent and free-spirited. As a person with feministic views, a female business owner and working mother, nothing makes me simultaneously more happy and scared shitless. 

We regularly hear, "Addie do it!" on the way to a meltdown because she, do whatever it was herself. We also hear, "Hard to do," "There you go," and, "Got it," frequently. Oh, and the latest, "Leave you (she means "me") alone," as she closes her bedroom door. This girl has a mind of her own and knows exactly what she wants!

And she's so damn beautiful, to boot! ["Beau-ifuh" or, "SO pretty," as she says.]


So, my sunshine: I'm excited to see what year two brings. You've given me more love and patience than I ever knew I had in me. I promise to continue taking a step back and fostering your independence while teaching you to grow into the kind of wonderful woman this world desperately needs. But for now, there's nothing more I want to do than wrap you up "snud a bud" [snug as a bug] and cuddle you!

     Me: I love you, hunnie.

     Adelynn: Love you, hunnie!