Jenni + Alice: A Cosplay Wedding with a Side of Rain


With warmth and sunshine all day, we anticipated a gorgeous outdoor ceremony. Just as the brides were stepping outside, it started to sprinkle. Guests took cover under the patio while we waited for the rain to pass. Seats were dried and everyone took their places once again for the brides to begin their walk. The timing was absolutely uncanny, as it began to downpour! 

You know, there are numerous wedding day moments unforgettable to me for one reason or another - funny, heart-wrenching, dangerous, etc....but this just jumped to number one! The joy on Jenni's face walking toward Alice in the pouring rain. The look of astonishment on Alice's face as she likewise trekked through the pouring rain toward her love. Guests laughing at the ironic timing of the weather. And someone holding an umbrella over me with all of my gear to be able to capture everything! None of it stopped the happy ceremony uniting these two! 

When the rain passed (mostly...), it was magic!

Between rays of sun for photos of the brides to all of the details Jenni hand-crafted and pieced together herself (seriously amazing!) to lots of dance floor fun, the day came together perfectly!

A lifetime of love and happiness to both of you!