Rebecca + Nick: Celebrating an Epic Love at Silver Lake Country Club


There are a few things I know for sure. The first being that Rebecca and Nick have an epic kind of love. It's a love that feels as if it's existed all along, yet brand new every day. Nick has a wild sense of humor and an intense love for Rebecca. And, if you attended their wedding, I'd like to remind you that Rebecca has the greatest "clap-laugh" of all time and a lights up when she sees Nick. 

We had the pleasure of capturing their separate moments in preparation of the big day, witnessing heartfelt vows written by each the bride and groom, traipsing around Downtown Cuyahoga Falls for some bridal party fun, and of course, a reception to remember - complete with karaoke to wrap up the night! 

You can't have an epic love without the most epic of celebrations! Here's a few more sillies from Becca and Nick's crazy/beautiful day! I mean, there were tambourines, folks...tambourines! 

Thank you for welcoming our cameras to your special day! We wish you all the love, laughter...and epic-ness to last a lifetime!