Addie: Wild and Three


Three has hit me like WOAH! I mean, I shot and edited these images six weeks ago - just before her actual birthday. At first, every attempt I made to write this blog ended in tears. Sometimes it was a few little drops. And sometimes, full-on ugly crying waterworks. This is the first birthday where I look at my insanely beautiful daughter and don’t see any traces of a baby.

But now, I’m looking at these photos I snapped with bribes of chocolate teddy grahams and promises of chocolate milk (all before 9AM, because I’m a cool mom!)…and I am so deeply in love! I can’t stop myself from looking at this image collection over and over and over! Let’s just say it’s about as frequently as she asks, “Why?" [haha!]

Adelynn Mary

You are bright and boisterous. Vibrant and vivacious. We love your silly side to pieces. Hearing you attempt to snort and oink like a piggy is hilarious! And oh-my-goodness, your little heart just bursts at the seams with compassion. You’re the first to ask if we’re frustrated when we let out a sigh and quick to come give kisses when we get boo-boos. Watching you grow and flourish will never ceases to amaze us.

Year three was filled with so many wonderful things. Quality time during Daddy-Addie days, girl’s nights just you and Mommy, and best of all, your first beach vacation. Sleepovers with grandparents who spoil you and more fun than you can handle with Auntie K and Uncle J.

If I could play anything on a loop, it’d be the sound of your uncontrollable giggles. The way you say, “bajamas” with a ‘b’ instead of a ‘p.’ Your little whispers of secrets to us the way I do to you, saying, “You are brave.” Howling like wolves during story time.

You’ve been potty-trained for quite some time now. Your tantrums undeniably prove you’re a threenager. You try all kinds of new foods. You’re such a good little momma to your teddy bears and dolls. If you could live outside, I’m pretty sure you would. I could continue on…

Keep discovering the world around you. Be kind and never apologize for being smart. And don’t you dare grow up too fast.

Happy Third Birthday, sunshine!

Let’s face it though…most of the session with my little stinkeroo went like this: