Hannah Celebrates One


This little doll celebrates ONE this week!

Hannah is sweet and curious. Bright and bubbly. Loving and oh-so-adorable!

We had lots of fun in the studio for her first birthday session - the string of pearls, tutu and cute little cake are just the obvious. It was certainly a sight to see Jess jumping and singing Hannah’s favorite tunes and David making funny faces all to get a giggle or two! [haha!] The things parents do for smiles, I’m telling you - it’s hilarious! But the even better part is seeing the connection in the eyes of that little one who is the center of their whole world. Hannah’s eyes light up as bright as her tutu when it comes to her parents!

So here’s to you, Hannah! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

A special thanks to Wild Flour Bakery for the adorable smash cake!