Breann + Lou: A Cleveland Kind of Love


Bre and Lou were in town over Memorial Day Weekend, visiting all the way from their home in Savannah. We had one shot at this session. With threats of our *glorious* Ohio weather looming, I was extra nervous! But O-M-G did we end up with a perfect scenario for fun and love in the park! The crisp morning air and golden glow of the sunrise accented these two cuties beautifully!

It was an absolute treat finally getting to meet Bre and Lou! It really didn’t take me long to realize during our sweet session that they’re a complete match - the perfect pair. Posing together in front of a camera came naturally and they kept each other laughing the entire time. It made for one shutter-happy photographer who enjoyed the session just as much! :)

They truly brought pure magic to Cleveland - not only did they get amazing engagement photos…they got me, the morning Grinch, to fall in love with 6AM sessions again!

Is 2020 here yet?! I’m already so excited to celebrate your wedding day with you! <3