Oakley Raelynn


Is it possible to have so many words yet none that you can seem to squeak out?

The Magnani Family has added a fresh little babe to their loving home and she is perfect! Oakley Raelynn was born on April 26, 2019 at 7:01 AM, weighing in at seven pounds, zero ounces and measuring 20 and a quarter inches long. This beautiful, tiny peanut made Kinsley a big sister - what a promotion!

I’ve given up and know better than to ask Tony to take his hat off at this point. It’s a battle I’ll lose, so we just embrace it! [haha!] BUT the biggest win for me is catching his smiles on camera. I’ll take it! He certainly does have a lot to be happy about, especially this new little blessing he and Jackie brought into this world.

Our lovely little lifestyle newborn session featured smiles from big sis, tender moments with Mommy and Daddy, and the most adorable baby yawns and wide open eyes for Miss Oakley’s photo debut!

Just six days new and I had the privilege to meet you! Welcome to the world, baby girl! I can’t wait to watch you grow!