Kristen + Joe: A Romantic Wedding Gathering at The Club at Hillbrook


“There is nothing for me, but to love you

And the way you look tonight.”

— Frank Sinatra

The way Kristen and Joe look at one another with sparks of the most romantic love is truly inspirational! Seemingly, this song kept popping into my head as I was selecting images for their blog…for many different reasons. Their love is real and true and authentic - captured on camera. And it is my hope that they look back on these images year after year, through the good times and bad - coming back to every detail, every moment, every glimpse. It may not seem possible right now at this very moment, but decades from now, their love will have grown deeper for one another and flourished - all starting with this day when they said, “I do.” And they have the most romantic of days to look back on!

Just look at Joe’s reaction to the moment he saw his breathtaking bride walking down the aisle toward him with her father.

Look at their post ceremony bliss surrounded by their most cherished friends and family.

Look at their tender embraces as newlyweds.

Look at the way they hold each other during their first dance together as husband and wife.

And seriously, don’t stop scrolling before you see the special reception performance as a tribute from Joe’s family. Their theatrics might just be ready for Broadway!

To Kristen and Joe:

Never forget the way you looked on this night. Congratulations and the very best wishes to you! We loved being part of your day - thank you!