Courtney + Nick: Fierce Love and Furry Friends at the Beach


The weather forecast was clear - total sunshine predicted until 9pm. Great news for a beach engagement sesh!

At first, it was smooth sailing with Courtney, Nick and their fur babies Wyatt and Wesley. Those leather doggie bow ties - oh my gosh! I’ve never seen anything cuter!

Then out of no where, the clouds grew darker and more blue than I’ve ever seen in such a short period of time. The wind picked up and created a sandstorm on the beach causing everyone else to flea the area, with the exception of the three of us.

Courtney and Nick had asked if they could get in the water…near the beginning of the session when the weather was still promising. By the end of the session, we all decided it would still be worthwhile to dip more than just their toes in the water. Well, Courtney and I were on board right away…Nick needed a little nudge, but came around to the idea of splashing and sitting in the water. [What a guy!]

I’m telling you, the results are fierce and the love here in this session is palpable! I’m so excited to celebrate your special day in April 2020 - congrats on a beautiful engagement, Courtney and Nick!