Leo: Six Months


And just like that, Leo is six months old!

This little guy wasn’t so sure what the deal was with my camera, but he sure does love his Mommy and Daddy! If only you could have seen those two frolicking, dancing around and making ridiculous noises over my shoulder - oh what parents will do for a smile, haha! We must have been quite the site to other park-goers.

Leo is a seriously handsome dude! From his beaming grin to his bare bum, from his sweet little tootsies to his plump cheeks with lipstick from Mommy’s kisses…everything about Leo is just too cute!

In six months, he’s grown so much. Just look at him sitting up on his own and learning all about the world around him! Happy half birthday, Leo! I can’t wait to see what the next six months bring for this beautiful family!