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Kate + Eric: Engagement Cuddles in the Park

So here we are - throwing together an impromptu engagement session trying to capitalize on the beauty of winter in Northeast Ohio. And OH-MY-GAHHH did it work!

I absolutely adore the simplicity chosen - black winter accessories with Kate’s perfect pops of red against a white blanket of snow. Even a bit of a gorgeous golden glow from the sun.

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Maksen Turns One!

Maksen is a happy, spunky little fella…and the camera just loves him! Thank goodness for silly sounds and puppies strolling by to get some smiles! This guy is starting to talk and will be walking before they know it! You should hear him say a very exaggerated, “WOW!”

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Amanda + Nicholas: The Day Four became One

The four of them dressed up for this very special day and walked down the aisle together, as a family. This was as much a day for the boys to celebrate as it was for their parents.

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