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Elijah James: A Little Blessing in this World

From his perfect little button nose to his sweet little toes - Elijah was showered with kisses, filling the session with so many new sweet family moments worth remembering.

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Leo Michael

Here are the sweet beginnings of Leo’s warm welcome to the world. Each of these tender little moments make for a beautiful newborn story. I love being part of the ever-growing #HappilyEverAbramovich fairy tale! This special chapter features a wide-eyed baby boy with squishy cheeks…

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Maksen Turns One!

Maksen is a happy, spunky little fella…and the camera just loves him! Thank goodness for silly sounds and puppies strolling by to get some smiles! This guy is starting to talk and will be walking before they know it! You should hear him say a very exaggerated, “WOW!”

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